Research Project Summary


Title: Development of an Effective Cleaning Agent for Cytotoxic Drugs
Category: Intervention Research
Subcategory: Intervention Research

Chemotherapy, one of the most commonly used cancer treatments, involves the use of antineoplastic/cytotoxic drugs. However, most of these agents are themselves carcinogenic and pose a threat to healthcare workers who may be exposed during drug preparation, administration and cleanup. Studies suggest that current exposure control measures are inadequate and that there is an urgent need to develop better exposure prevention methods.


This study aims to develop an effective cleaning agent that is suitable for real world applications in healthcare settings to prevent workers’ exposure to these drugs.

Anticipated Results:

The anticipated result of this research is to produce an effective cleaning method to aid the current control measures within B.C. health authority facilities, ensuring that they are sufficient to minimize workers’ exposure to carcinogenic substances.


Winnie Chu (NANOZEN Industries Inc)

Year Funded: 2011
Budget: $49,950
Funding Agency: WorkSafeBC, WorkSafeBC & WCB of Nova Scotia
Link to research website:
Keywords: Cytotoxic drugs, health care, occupational exposure, cancer and cleaning protocol