Call for Applications: Manitoba WCB 2018 Research and Workplace Innovation Program


Manitoba WCB is once again accepting applications for funding under the Research and Workplace Innovation Program, which promotes and funds scientific research, workplace innovation, training and education projects and knowledge transfer related to prevention of occupational injuries, diseases and return to work of injured or ill workers.

2018 Application Closing Dates:

WCB RWIP 2018 Timeline

RWIP projects are funded under three streams: Scientific Research, Training and Education and Workplace Innovation. Generally, each project is up to two years in duration and funded up to a maximum of $100,000 each year. A total of $1 million is available to fund qualified projects.

2018 RWIP Scientific Research Priorities include:

1. Timely, Meaningful and Sustainable Return to Work/Stay at Work

To promote the value of Return to Work and support best practices, including helping workplaces increase the effectiveness of RTW programs and training. Examples of potential research topics under this Research Priority may include studies that:

  • Explore the interrelationships between prevention, early intervention and RTW to identify practices that support successful outcomes in Manitoba workplaces;
  • Investigate the effect on claim duration of practices for specific industry sectors that would reveal and provide evidence for the barriers, facilitators and related issues of RTW and/or stay at work; and
  • Identify and examine best practices for RTW and disability management programming in Manitoba, including the development of leading indicators and predictive factors of success.

2. Assessment, Screening, Monitoring and Control of Physical, Chemical and Biological Exposure Agents in the Workplace

This Sceintific Research Priority is carried over from 2017 to reflect the recent establishment of SAFE Work Manitoba’s Prevention Strategy on Occupational Disease and Illness. This Strategy will use four tactics to strengthen occupational disease and illness prevention in Manitoba workplaces:

  • Monitoring workers’ exposure to physical and chemical hazards.
  • Identifying exposure levels and effective safety controls based on evidence from the monitoring.
  • Educating and building awareness among all Manitobans about occupational disease and illness prevention.
  • Strengthening partnerships to prevent occupational disease and illness.

Examples of potential research topics under this Scientific Research Priority may include studies that:

  • Evaluate and review existing tools that assess and monitor toxic exposures;
  • Identify deficits in the assessment of workplace exposure hazards; and
  • Develop practical tools that are cost effective and easy to use for risk assessment and mitigation strategies in the workplace.

3. Other Topics within the RWIP Mandate

Manitoba WCB will also accept applications under the Scientific Research funding stream that are within the mandate of the RWIP but which do not address Research Priorities 1 and 2. Download a copy of these priorities here.

For more information including application forms, see Manitoba WCB’s website at: Research and Workplace Innovation Program.

If you have questions, please contact:
Bruce Cielen
Manager, Research and Workplace Innovation Program
(204) 954-4650 / 1 (855) 954-4321