Erna Ference appointed chair of WCB Alberta


Erna Ference has been appointed chair of WCB Alberta, replacing Grace Thostenson, while the organization’s board of directors has been reduced from 10 to seven members.

The reduced numbers aim to help streamline the work done by WCB Alberta‘s board of directors, and provide opportunity for more effective and efficient decision-making.

“I would like to thank the outgoing chair and board members for their work ensuring injured workers and their employers are provided with respectful, fair and timely support,” says Jason Copping, Alberta Minister of Labour and Immigration.

“Ms. Ference is a current WCB Alberta board of directors member,” he continues, “who has a diverse and rich background in workplace health and safety, the agricultural industry and fiscal management. We are excited to see great things under her leadership.”

Erna’s background includes work in legal, oil and gas industries. She is a Chartered Professional Accountant/Certified Management Accountant and has completed the Institute of Corporate Directors Program.

The past chair of the Alberta Chicken Producers, Erna actively farms in the southern part of the province. Nationally, she has been a director with the Chicken Farmers of Canada and the Canadian Federation of Agriculture.