Request for Applications: WorkplaceNL 2017-18 Research Initiatives


WorkplaceNL promotes workplace health and safety to prevent and reduce workplace injuries and occupational diseases. As part of this commitment, they have created the Research Initiatives Program to promote and provide funding for workplace health and safety research.

WorkplaceNL is now accepting research proposal applications for the following research topics:

Research Topics:

Workplace safety culture
• What are effective measures of safety culture in workplaces?
• Can an effective safety culture be used as a predictor of future injury rates?
• What components of a safety culture have the greatest influence on future injury rates?

Prevention of musculoskeletal injuries (MSls)
• What factors have the greatest influence at reducing MSls in workplaces in Newfoundland and Labrador?
• Identify leading best practices in MSI prevention that can effectively educate workers on ergonomic risks.
• What are the current attitudes and education issues related to MSls in the workplaces?

Serious injuries
• What are the predictors of serious injuries in workplaces?
• Why are serious injury rates not decreasing in Newfoundland and Labrador?
• How can education be improved to reduce serious injury at work?

Emerging issues for workplace violence
• Why are workplace violence injury rates increasing in workplaces in Newfoundland and Labrador?
• What are leading best practices in workplace violence prevention?

Mental health issues
• How can mental health issues in the workplace be assessed and prevented?
• What occupations are at higher risk for PTSD?
• What are the strategies for a successful early and safe return to work?

Occupational disease and exposure
• Are health surveillance techniques for occupational health exposures adequate to protect workers?
• What are effective treatment protocols and rehabilitation modalities for workers exposed to occupational health hazards?

Other topics within the Research Initiatives Program
• Effects of demographics and economic cycles on injury rates.
• What impact does OHS Committees have in reducing injury rates?
• Do young workers who complete the OHS 3203 high school course have lower injury rates?
• The impact of OHS certification training on injury rates.

Application Process:

Stage One: Letter of Intent
Applicants must submit a Letter of Intent outlining the investigators’ contact information, together with the research project title, purpose, objectives, outcomes, and proposed budget.

Stage Two: Research Proposal Submission
During stage two, applicants will submit a detailed research proposal which must include:
• Introduction
• Literature Review
• Methodology (including timelines)
• Ethical Considerations
• Budget Details
• Investigator’s Credentials

Deadline for Applications:

Applications for research funding are now being accepted. The deadline for submitting a Letter of Intent is March 31, 2018. To apply, please submit your Letter of Intent to:

Note: An invitation to submit a full research proposal does not guarantee final acceptance. For more information including eligibility, guidelines and application forms, visit: