WorkplaceNL and Service NL launch joint 5-year injury prevention strategy


WorkplaceNL and Service NL‘s Occupational Health and Safety Division have launched a joint 5-year injury prevention strategy in consultation with Newfoundland and Labrador injury prevention partners and stakeholders.


Advancing a Strong Safety Culture identifies 50 strategic opportunities built around five outcomes: safety leadership, industry collaboration, education and training, occupational health and safety programs and enforcement practices.

In 2000, the NL workplace injury rate was more than double what it is now. Yet with the lost-time injury rate at 1.5 per 100 workers, now the lowest it has ever been, and among the lowest in Canada, injuries are still having devastating impacts on workers and their families. So the need to continue to focus on preventing workplace injury and illness remains.

The strategy is built on eight prevention priorities: 1. Musculoskeletal injuries (soft tissue injuries), 2. Occupational disease & illness, 3. Falls, 4. Serious injuries, 5. Young workers, 6. Workplace violence, 7. Traffic control, and 8. Psychological health & safety. Here, for the first time, mental health in the workplace has been included in a provincial workplace injury prevention plan.

“We will continue to work collaboratively with safety associations, industry, workers, labour groups and employers,” says Dennis Hogan, CEO of WorkplaceNL, “to evolve our safety culture through focusing on the priorities in the new five-year prevention strategy, while maintaining a financially sustainable system.”

“Workplace health and safety is everyone’s responsibility,” emphasizes Service NL Minister Sherry Gambin-Walsh, “and we will continue to work together with everyone who plays a role in keeping our workplaces safe, as well as supporting our injured workers.”

Advancing a Strong Safety Culture was developed over 15 months in consultation with: Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Labour, NL Employers’ Council, NL Fish Harvesting Safety Association, Municipal Safety Council of NL, Canadian Society of Safety Engineers, Safety Services NL, NL Construction Safety Association, Forestry Safety Association of NL, NL Occupational Health & Safety Association, and the Service NL Minister’s Advisory Council on OHS.

To download WorkplaceNL’s and Service NL’s joint 5-year injury prevention strategy please click here: Advancing a Strong Safety Culture