WCB Saskatchewan: Insights from the most extreme workplace on the planet top the WCB’s 2021 Compensation Institute agenda

The COVID-19 pandemic has created extreme circumstances for everyone and it’s important to ensure workers and employers have awareness, tools...

WCB Saskatchewan: Insights from the most extreme workplace on the planet top the WCB’s 2021 Compensation Institute agenda

“Workers and employers are constantly striving to adapt to emerging issues in the workplace, such as psychological health and safety and occupational diseases. The pandemic has created many new challenges, including ergonomic safety while many workers continue working from home,” said Kevin Mooney, the WCB’s vice-president of prevention and employer services. “We are excited to bring a range of world-class local and international keynote presenters to share their insights and experiences at this year’s Compensation Institute.”

Participants will hear from presenters such as:

  • Dr. Joti Samra, one of Canada’s foremost psychological health and wellness experts. Dr. Samra is a national expert on issues relating to psychological health, wellness and resilience. Her research has contributed significantly to the evolution and development of a national standard for psychological health and safety in the workplace. She is also the CEO and Founder of MyWorkplaceHealth, a full-suite national workplace consulting firm and Clinic Founder of Dr. Joti Samra, Psych. & Associates, a clinical counselling practice.
  • Rachael Robertson, an Australian author and keynote speaker who shaped a resilient, safe and successful team in the most remote and dangerous workplace in the world, Antarctica. Strangers are thrown together 24/7 and live in complete isolation, with nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. Mental and physical safety is paramount, but so is the requirement to meet targets while being productive and efficient. Robertson faced these challenges head-on and created a culture characterized by respect and safety.
  • Lee Shelby, an American author and featured speaker, whose story about his own work-related incident is deeply impactful. Lee is passionate about helping people understand the importance of staying focused, eliminating distractions and not taking shortcuts.
  • Jason Anker, a speaker from Great Britain who will discuss his own unique story that covers health, safety and wellbeing by looking at how each can influence, positively or negatively. Jason openly talks about his workplace incident and the effect this had on himself, his family, friends and work colleagues.

The WCB relentlessly pursues safety to ensure all workers within our province have the healthy, safe workplace they deserve. Every injury is predictable and preventable, and Compensation Institute is an important vehicle that helps provide tools for WCB customers to eliminate injuries. The event will include the WCB’s 2021 annual general meeting, where the WCB will report on its 2020 financial and operating results, as well as new and continuing initiatives.

The Saskatchewan WCB is the only one in Canada that holds a free educational event like Compensation Institute and is open to workers, employers, WCB partners and members of the media.

View the 2021 Compensation Institute agenda here. Please contact Lisa Goudy at the phone number or email below if you plan to (virtually) attend any or all of Compensation Institute.

Source: Workers’ Compensation Board of Saskatchewan

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