WSIB’s Evie DoCouto appointed chair of the Canadian Society of Professionals in Disability Management


Evie DoCouto, head of the Return to Work Program at Ontario’s Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB), has been appointed chair of the Canadian Society of Professionals in Disability Management. In this role, she also serves as chair of the Canadian Certification Council.


“I’ll be working very closely with the National Institute of Disability Management and Research, » explains Evie, « to entrench the curriculum more closely with what we do at the WSIB, and to promote the CDMP and CRTWC designations in Ontario, Canada, and internationally. »

Members of the Canadian Society of Professionals in Disability Managements achieve CDMP certification through a combination of academic course work and real-life work experience. Evie, who holds both a Master of Science from the University of Toronto and an MBA from Washington State University, earned her academic credentials all the while continuing a 27-year career with the WSIB.

« The world of work is changing around us, » notes Evie, « and the nature of cases 10 years ago looked much different than they do today. Mental health cases are on the rise. Minimum wage legislation has an impact, as do demographics, immigration, and an aging work force. All these things create cases of greater complexity, and the people under these circumstances are more vulnerable. »

In response, the WSIB has created a renewed return to work strategy that will be part of a new customer-centric service model, a key pillar of which is a strengthened, professional work force, ultimately leading to more employees gaining CDMP and CRTWC certification to aid them in handling complex cases.

“WSIB will support all our return to work specialists in achieving the CDMP designation, » Evie stresses. « As a result, our employees are feeling empowered that they will now have a stronger voice than they’ve had in the past to impact return to work outcomes. »