Interjurisdictional Agreement, Fact Sheet and Inquiries

For claims: Please contact the Board/Commission: (1) where the injury occurred; (2) where the employer is registered; and/or (3) where the worker resides.

For international businesses wanting WCB coverage in Canada: Please contact the Board/Commission: (1) where the worker will be working; and/or (2) where the worker resides.For contact information, see Boards/Commissions.

Interjurisdictional Agreement

AWCBC Fact Sheet: The Interjurisdictional Agreement (IJA)
Canadian provincial and territorial Workers’ Compensation Boards have signed an agreement to act together in assisting employees and employers who perform work in more than one jurisdiction.
Interjurisdictional Agreement (IJA)
Click here to view the Interjurisdictional Agreement (IJA) on workers' compensation.