Below you can find tables summarizing Benefits at each Workers’ Compensation Board / Commission in Canada.

Key Benefits Information
Key Benefits Information

This table identifies some of the key benefits information for the current year, including: maximum compensation earnings; percentage of earnings benefits are based on; whether there is a waiting period; whether employer is required to pay worker for day of injury and/or period after injury.
Waiting Periods
Waiting Periods - Summary

This table describes the waiting periods in each jurisdiction. The waiting period is the amount of time or the amount of remuneration that a worker is not compensated for following an injury.
Temporary Disability Benefits – Wage Loss Benefits
Employment Earnings Considered When Establishing the Compensation Rate

This table describes the worker’s earnings that are taken into account when determining the amount of wage-loss compensation a worker receives.
Permanent Disability Awards
Permanent Disability Awards

This table identifies permanent disability benefits available at each WCB. These are benefits workers may receive if they are found to have a permanent impairment due to a work injury. This table also includes information on lump sum payments and maximum and minimum monthly payments.
Dependency Benefits and Fatalities
Dependency Benefits and Fatalities

These tables describe benefits for dependants of fatally injured workers and identify benefits related to workplace fatalities such as immediate lump sum payments, funeral costs; transportation of body and lump sums payable on remarriage.
Healthcare Service Providers Fees
Healthcare Service Providers - Policy, Report Fees and Treatment Fees

These tables give healthcare service providers' treatment and report fees for: acupuncture; audiologist; chiropractor; dentist; dietitian/nutritionist; hospitals; massage therapy; naturopathy; nurses/nursing; occupational therapy; optometry; physician; physical therapy/physiotherapy; podiatry; prosthetics/orthotics; psychologist; specialist and speech pathologist.
Payment of Compensation Benefits
Types of Compensation

These tables are quick jurisdictional comparisons of types of compensation payments including: wage or earnings loss, functional impairment, annuities and supplemental benefits.