National Work Injury, Disease and Fatality Statistics (NWISP) – Year At A Glance

The Association of Workers’ Compensation Boards of Canada produces this annual report, which provides national statistics on work-related Fatalities and Lost Time Claim compensation for injuries and diseases. These statistics reflect any WCB-accepted Fatality, Lost Time Claim for injury resulting from a work-related event or exposure to a noxious substance, or for a disease stemming from work-environment conditions.

To learn more about the AWCBC’s National Work Injury, Disease and Fatality Statistics (NWISP), please click here to download PDF Introduction: AWCBC’s National Work Injury, Disease and Fatality Statistics (NWISP).

Data should be read in conjunction with the ‘Terms and Conditions’, ‘Data Considerations’ and ‘Definitions’. For more details, click here. Please note that values of “X” indicate 3 claims or less. If a jurisdiction does not appear, there are no claims submitted for that jurisdiction yet. Publications detailing lost time claims are available from 1982. Fatality data is available from 1994.

The NWISP “Year at a Glance” aims to provide statistics to the public as they are available from AWCBC jurisdictions without waiting until all national data is received. For that reason, data may appear incomplete as not all jurisdictions will have yet had the opportunity to provide updated data to the AWCBC. The provided data may be restated.

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