Questions and Responses: AWCBC Cross Country Check-In Panel Discussion

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AWCBC Information Request Service:

The AWCBC offers an Information Request Service to our members that allows information to be gathered from all 12 Canadian Boards/Commissions.

• To submit your request simply fill out the form that can be found here: Make an Information Request

• Once a request is submitted using this service it will automatically be forwarded to a contact at each Board/Commission who then distributes it to the appropriate individual within their organization for a response.

• A jurisdiction’s response will be sent directly to you via the email address provided on the form with a copy going to the AWCBC.

• The AWCBC will collate all responses and send the final summary to all participants as well as post it in the Past Requests Online Depository for future reference by all members.

• To receive a copy of a summary of responses to any already included in the depository, email please include the name and date of the request.