Prevention Campaigns

To raise awareness of the importance of health and safety in the workplace, a variety of marketing and social media activities take place across Canada. Some target sector specific hazards and others are aimed demographically such as at young workers. With changing seasons, there are also communications to combat heat stress or harsh outdoor working conditions. You can find some examples of these prevention campaigns below.

Note: Please visit AWCBC YouTube playlist – Prevention – Occupational Health & Safety to view AWCBC Member video prevention campaigns.

  • WorkSafeBC: YouTube Channel exceeds 25 million views August 28, 2015

    Since its launch almost a decade ago, the WorkSafeBC YouTube channel has received more than 25 million views and has more than 18,000 subscribers.

    To find out more, see WorkSafeBC’s website at: WorkSafeBC safety videos exceed 25 million views on YouTube since 2006.

    Visit WorkSafeBC’s YouTube channel at:

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  • Ontario – #PracticeSafeWork for Young Workers August 6, 2015

    WSIB’s #PracticeSafeWork contest rewards young workers who work safe this summer.

    The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) is giving young workers in Ontario a chance to showcase their health and safety knowledge for a chance to win daily and weekly cash prizes through the #PracticeSafeWork Twitter Contest. Young workers in Ontario between the ages of 15-24 are being called on to submit images demonstrating their safe work practices using the hashtag #PracticeSafeWork.

    Young workers can follow @WSIB (English Twitter account) or @CSPAAT (French Twitter account) to participate. For more details and official contest rules and regulations, visit


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  • WorkSafeBC: Prevent Bullying and Harassment in Construction July 17, 2015

    WorkSafeBC’s new video series targets bullying and harassment in the construction industry. The first video shows the character and sense of pride felt by those in the construction industry, leaving no room for bullies or bullying. The next three videos focus on the impact of bullying and harassment on workers in construction. This video series was created by WorkSafeBC in partnership with the BC Building Trades and Construction Labour Relations Association of BC.

    To find out more, see WorkSafeBC’s website at Prevent Bullying and Harassment in Construction.

    Check out the videos below:

    Bullying and Harassment in Construction: Builders, Not Bullies

    Bullying and Harassment in Construction: Not Part of the Job (Scenario 1)

    Bullying and Harassment in Construction: Not Part of the Job (Scenario 2)

    Bullying and Harassment in Construction: Not Part of the Job (Scenario 3)


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  • CCOHS – Fatigue and Work Infographic July 17, 2015

    Fatigue can affect us all and can seriously impact our health and safety at work. CCOHS has released an infographic outlining signs of fatigue, how fatigue affects our health and safety and offers tips to combat fatigue on the job.

    Download the infographic from CCOH’s website at: Fatigue and Work Infographic.

    CCOHS Fatigue and Work Infographic




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  • Newfoundland and Labrador – Injury Hotspots July 3, 2015

    The Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation Commission (WHSCC) of Newfoundland and Labrador has produced a series of Injury Hotspots to inform workers of what part of their body is most vulnerable to injury given their profession. Knowing your ‘hotspots’ allows you to know how best to control hazards and protect yourself and your co-workers from injury.

    Each Injury Hotspot has very specific injury prevention tips tailored to the profession. Injury Hotspots are available for:

    construction labourerscooksheavy equipment operator
    painterspersonal care attendantsretail salespersons
    RNs and LPNstruck driverswelders

    Check out these innovative and informative infographics by clicking on the links above, or to access all Injury Hotspots see the WHSCC’s website at: Injury Hotspots.

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  • Nova Scotia – Safe at Sea June 12, 2015

    Commercial fishing will be safer in Nova Scotia. That’s the goal of the Safe at Sea Alliance. Fishing Safety Now is a plan by and for Nova Scotia’s fishing industry. Developed by the Safe at Sea Alliance – a group of fishermen, family members, industry, safety organizations, community leaders, and government – the plan includes several recommendations to help improve safety. For more information on this initiative, see Nova Scotia Workplace Safety Strategy’s website at Safe at Sea Alliance.

    Check out the video, Fishing Safety Now 2015, highlighting the recommendations of the plan below:

    Get your copy of the plan, Fishing Safety Now, below:

    Safe at Sea Alliance - Fishing Safety Now Plan









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  • CCOHS – “It’s Your Job!” Youth Video Contest Winners June 8, 2015

    The national winners for CCOHS’s “It’s Your Job!” Video Contest have been announced. Check out the winning videos below:

    FIRST PLACE: Brycen Roy from Trenton High School in Trenton, Ontario won for the video titled “Rewind”.

    SECOND PLACE: Dakota Breau from Sanford Collegiate in Sanford, Manitoba won for the video entitled “Dangerous Game of Dress Up”.

    THIRD PLACE: Brooke Fusick from Wood Street Center in Whitehorse, Yukon won for the video titled: “Heat”.

    FAN FAVOURITE: Joel Kereluke and Luke Halyk from Foam Lake Composite in Foam Lake, Saskatchewan received the most votes for their video named “A Second Thought”.

    To find out more about the contest and to see more video entries, go to CCOH’s website at: It’s Your Job Youth Video Contest.

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  • CCOHS – New Worker Safety Infographic May 26, 2015

    New is new, regardless of age or stage. CCOHS’s infographic for new workers outlines what employers can do, covers safety tips for workers and their rights, and highlights the components of effective training methods. Check out the infographic below or see CCOHS’s website at: New Worker Safety in Canada Infographic.








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  • WorkSafeNB / CCOHS – Interactive Guide to OHS Legislation May 13, 2015

    WorkSafeNB and the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) have partnered to launch an interactive online plain-language Guide to New Brunswick’s OHS Legislation. The new tool features 30 topics with links to resources, including interpretations, summaries, legislation, hazard alerts and safety talks, all in an easy-to-read format. Topics such as fall protection, guardrails and confined spaces are accessible by computer, tablet and smartphone.

    See the News Release on WorkSafeNB’s website at: WorkSafeNB, CCOHS launch Guide to OHS Legislation.

    Explore the new portal at: WorkSafeNB Guide to OHS Legislation.

    WorkSafeNB Guide to OHS Legislation
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  • Manitoba – Reporting workplace injuries matters May 12, 2015

    Raising public awareness about claim reporting is a key initiative in Manitoba WCB’s strategic priority of protecting the integrity of the compensation system. The targeted campaign, called “Reporting Workplace Injuries Matters”, will run from May 11 to June 7 and is designed to raise awareness of claim reporting responsibilities among employers and workers to ensure both parties understand and act on their rights and responsibilities to report workplace injuries.

    For more information on Manitoba’s “Reporting Workplace Injuries Matters” campaign, see the WCB’s website at: Campaigns.

    Download the Reporting Workplace Injuries Matters Poster.

    Check out the video below.

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