Research Project Summary

Year Funded: 2011 Budget: $83,854 Funding Agency: Workers’ Compensation Board of Manitoba (WCB)
Title: A Comparison of Usage of Opioid Medications by Workers Compensation Claimants and Other Manitobans
Category: Occupational Disease, Injury and Health Services
Subcategory: Occupational Health Services
Keywords: Opioid, codeine, pain relief, analgesic, morphine
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Physicians have the challenge of prescribing opioids to balance the ability of opioids to relieve pain and improve function while minimizing side effects and risks.


The study will:
• Compare previous, during, and post WCB claim opioid use in Manitoba WCB claimants for whom opioids were prescribed;
• Identify what proportion of chronic opioid use for non-cancer pain in Manitoba is related to WCB compensable injuries; and
• Compare opioid duration and dose amongst WCB recipients with other Manitobans after controlling for demographic and diagnostic factors.

Anticipated Results:

Information about the prescription and use of opioids will assist WCB Manitoba in its mandate to ensure the healthcare it administers is appropriate for injured workers.


Dr. Allen Kraut (University of Manitoba)