Research Project Summary

Year Funded: 2010 Budget: $48,793.88 Funding Agency: WorkSafeBC
Title: A Clinical Trial of a Multi-element Exercise Program for Plantar Fasciopathy in Workers Required to Stand for Prolonged Periods of Time
Category: Compensation, Disability Management and Return to Work
Subcategory: Compensation, Disability Management and Return to Work
Keywords: plantar fasciopathy, exercise treatment, clinical trial, workers
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Chronic plantar fasciopathy is a painful condition typically associated with point tenderness at the heel and arch of the foot during standing and other activities involving weight-bearing. Workers are significantly affected by plantar fasciopathy, as many jobs require standing for prolonged periods of time.


This study will examine the effectiveness of a multi-element exercise program in reducing the pain and disability of chronic plantar fasciopathy in a population of workers standing for prolonged periods during their workday.

Anticipated Results:

Each participant will be randomly assigned to either an intervention group receiving a multi-element exercise program, or a control group receiving a cortisone injection followed by a stretching program for their calf-muscles. Participants will perform all exercises 4 times a week for the duration of a 12-week program. It is anticipated that results of the study will lead to a significant step in reducing the time lost to injury and improving the quality of life for workers required to spend long periods of time on their feet.


Jack Taunton (UBC)