Research Project Summary

Year Funded: 2022 Budget: $ Funding Agency: IRSST
Title: Acceptability, Acceptance and Assessment of Exoskeletons in the Agri-Food Sector: An Interdisciplinary Approach
Category: Occupational Disease, Injury and Health Services
Subcategory: Occupational Health Services
Keywords: musculoskeletal disorders, exoskeletons
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Different avenues for preventing musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) have been promoted, and interest in what new technologies can contribute is growing. The use of exoskeletons is a prime example and seems to constitute a promising option for preventing MSDs. Workplaces that are interested in this technology want to promote workers’ health, but also to increase their productivity.
Currently, the literature provides little information documenting the most appropriate way of introducing exoskeletons into the workplace and their effects on workers’ health and organizations’ productivity. Thus, it is difficult to advise safety practitioners on how to support organizations that want to make use of exoskeletons.


This project will investigate the social and practical acceptability of exoskeletons and the acceptance and uptake of these devices.

Anticipated Results:

The research team intends to develop data collection and monitoring tools and to propose an approach that will enable businesses to introduce exoskeletons into the workplace. In addition, it will be possible to determine the feasibility of conducting a study of the long-term effects of exoskeleton use.


Denys Denis, UQAM; Christian Larivière, Alessia Negrini, Xavier Robert-Lachaîne, IRSST; Philippe Corbeil, Université Laval