Research Project Summary

Year Funded: 2022 Budget: Funding Agency: IRSST
Title: Respiratory Protective Equipment: Development of an Easy Method to Detect and Locate Leaks and Assess the Fit of the Faceseal Using Infrared Imaging
Category: Occupational Disease, Injury and Health Services
Subcategory: Occupational Injury
Keywords: Respiratory Protective Equipment, Faceseal, Infrared Imaging
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Respiratory protective equipment (RPE) comprises devices that protect against the inhalation of harmful contaminants (aerosols or gases). For optimal protection, RPE must be properly adjusted to the wearer’s facial features. In addition to properly adjusting their RPE, wearers must also do a fit check in positive and negative pressure before each use. Studies of the success of self fit testing have shown that many users do not do an appropriate check.


The research team plans to develop a method to check the fit of a faceseal using infrared imaging. The project is based on the idea that air breathed out generally has a higher temperature than the ambient air, and the use of an infrared camera would make it possible to detect air leaks by viewing the changes in temperature on the face surface, near the faceseal.

Anticipated Results:

Ultimately, the scientists will work to develop an analysis station that can take images of the person wearing RPE and give them feedback regarding the existence and severity of leaks. This type of station will help make self fit testing in the workplace faster and easier.


Jean Brousseau, UQAR; Ali Bahloul, IRSST, Clothilde Brochat, IRSST; Xavier Maldague, Université Laval; Yacine Yaddaden, UQAR