Publication – Terms and Conditions

The Association of Workers’ Compensation Boards of Canada (AWCBC) produces these statistics for the National Work Injury/Disease Statistics Program (NWISP).


The NWISP publication is provided in PDF format.


Data Considerations

a.    Data Source and Coding

NWISP source data originates from data submitted to the AWCBC by the twelve Canadian Workers’ Compensation Boards/Commissions (WCBs).  All variables are coded by the WCBs, not AWCBC. Coding practices may vary between jurisdictions.

b.    Definitions

NWISP data is based on nationally accepted Definitions that may not be the same as statistics published in WCB annual reports.

c.    Data Included in NWISP

NWISP publishes lost time claims and fatalities accepted for compensation by WCBs. Certain industries, occupations or types of injuries/diseases may not be compulsorily covered in a jurisdiction, and therefore would not be included in NWISP data.

d.    Additional Data Considerations

For a more comprehensive overview of considerations that may impact data comparisons and analysis, see Data Considerations.


Source / Interpretation

a.    Acknowledgement of Source

The source of the data must be acknowledged if used in any other publication.

Source: Association of Workers’ Compensation Boards of Canada (AWCBC), National Work Injury/Disease Statistics Program (NWISP), publication title or date of data extraction.

b.    Interpretation

Any interpretations of AWCBC data made by the user must be stated as being those of the user and not the AWCBC or any of its member Boards or Commissions.

c.    Permission to Reproduce

Written permission must be obtained from the AWCBC prior to reproduction of NWISP data. To obtain written permission, please email or call 1-855-282-9222 ext. 202.