Change to the claims intake process

The WCB is transforming how we serve our customers. As a result, we have made changes to the claims intake...

Change to the claims intake process

Regina, Sask., Oct. 11, 2023  Timely claim decisions and financial support are critical to prevent unnecessary work disability and to ensure the positive direction and experience of a customer’s recovery and return to work. The WCB has made changes to its claims intake process to better fit the needs of injured workers.

As of Oct. 16, 2023, the WCB’s new process takes a proactive approach to gather information much earlier after the claim is submitted from all parties involved – the worker, employer and care provider. For example, if the WCB has been notified of a workplace injury, but the employer has not submitted an Employer’s Initial Report of Injury (E1) form before a claim is registered, WCB staff will proactively call the employer to collect the information over the phone. In addition, WCB staff will contact the worker and the employer at the beginning of a claim to provide a clear understanding and expectations of the process.

The WCB is transforming how we serve our customers. Since the launch of the WCB’s transformation, and more than ever before in its history, we have been reaching out to our customers to understand what is important to them. We extend our thanks to the customers who shared their perspectives to make decisions quicker.

For general inquiries about this change, please contact us at:

Toll free:1.800.667.7590

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