Manitoba WCB Research and Workplace Innovation Program 2015 Call for Applications

The Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba is now accepting applications for funding under the Research and Workplace Innovation Program (RWIP). RWIP promotes and funds scientific research, workplace innovation, training and education projects and knowledge transfer related to prevention of occupational injuries, diseases and return to work of injured or ill workers.

RWIP projects are funded under three (3) streams:

  1. Workplace Innovation projects that lead to improvements in workplace health and safety, and foster successful rehabilitation and productive and safe return to meaningful work,
  2. High quality Scientific Research and applied research projects with practical benefits that are related to significant issues in workers compensation, and
  3. Training and Education projects relevant to workplace health and safety, injury prevention, safe return-to-work and treatment of occupational illness.

Closing Date for Applications:

  • Notice of Intent (for scientific research applications): March 23, 2015
  • Scientific Research Applications: May 11, 2015
  • Workplace Innovation Applications: June 22, 2015
  • Training and Education Applications: June 22, 2015

For more information including eligibility, scope of projects and application forms, see Manitoba WCB’s website at: Research and Workplace Innovation Program.

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