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  • Safety is a Language We Can All Speak – SAFE Work Manitoba campaign April 15, 2021

    Not all Manitobans speak the same language. That’s why SAFE Work Manitoba’s current social marketing campaign, Safety is a language we can ALL speak, underlines the need for all workers –

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  • WorkSafe Saskatchewan launches online psychological resource centre for Saskatchewan employers and workers April 14, 2021

    Centre provides employers and workers with resources to help develop psychologically healthy and safe workplaces.

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  • WorkSafeNB: News Release – Notice to employers April 14, 2021

    As a result of recent increases in COVID-19 cases in the province and growing concern over variant strains, WorkSafeNB is reminding employers of their obligations to follow Public Health measures to minimize exposure to COVID-19.

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  • WCB PEI: Satisfaction Survey Continues to Provide Valuable Information April 6, 2021

    The Workers Compensation Board (WCB) is pleased to release the results of the 2020 WCB Injured Worker Survey, which continues to show positive results in WCB’s service satisfaction index. The index is a composite measure of injured workers’ overall experience with the WCB, as well as their satisfaction with a variety of service dimensions including fairness, decision making and service delivery.

    In the fall of 2020, over 300 injured workers participated in the survey conducted by the independent research company, Narrative Research. On an alternating basis, the WCB polls its two key stakeholder groups, injured workers and employers each year to gauge satisfaction with the WCB’s services and identify areas for improvement.

    Similar studies have been conducted with workers every two years since 2002 and the results demonstrate that the majority of WCB clients are satisfied with their overall experience with the WCB. Results and feedback from this transparent and consistent survey has helped form many decisions and improvements at the WCB over the years.

    In 2020, the WCB achieved a performance rating of 76.2. This rating is on par with 2018 results and up almost 8 points since the first survey was conducted. Levels of satisfaction with service interaction remained consistent through the COVID-19 pandemic period.

    The main drivers of satisfaction for injured workers are: the extent of satisfaction with the claim outcome, satisfaction with the extent workers participated in the decision-making process concerning their claim, and receiving WCB service in a timely manner.

    “Client service continues to be a priority for the WCB and is at the forefront of many initiatives in the WCB’s Strategic Action Plan,” said WCB Chair Jim MacPhee. “Our stakeholder surveys continue to serve as an important tool to assess how we’re serving our clients and where we can improve.”

    When evaluating the WCB, workers reported that being treated fairly continues to be the most important factor, with 90% of workers rating this as critically important. Most injured workers agree that they were treated with respect by WCB staff, and a large proportion also agreed that staff understood their needs.

    “In a year of uncertainty, we were pleased to have been able to respond quickly to changes in our service delivery methods to meet the needs of our injured worker clients in a timely fashion” said Cheryl Paynter CEO of WCBPEI. “I would like to thank our staff for their efforts, in the constantly changing environment that was 2020.”

    The WCB will continue to explore ways to maintain and improve the high quality of service delivery to workers and employers and would like to publically thank those who took the time and thought to respond. For more information, you can view the summary report of the 2020 WCB Injured Workers Survey at

    Media contact:
    Laura Steeves, WCB Communications, 902-894-0362 or toll-free 1-800-237-5049

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  • Know a colleague who has gone “above and beyond” for the AWCBC? Nominate them before March 26, 2021! March 15, 2021

    Now in its third year, the annual AWCBC ‘Above & Beyond’ Award honours special members who have contributed greatly to the Association, and in so doing, to the advancement of workers’ compensation across the country.

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  • WorkSafeBC: New High Risk Strategies and Industry Initiatives March 10, 2021

    Information on how we will apply our prevention efforts to help employers effectively manage their risks is now available in WorkSafeBC’s 2021–2023 High Risk Strategies and Industry Initiatives.

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  • WCB NS: Safe + Secure – Leading through COVID-19, Working to Well, Risk Mapping Tool March 9, 2021

    The March issue of our Safe + Secure e-newsletter is now available, and is jam-packed with new and updated resources for workers, employers and service providers.

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  • WCB Nova Scotia: New resources support safe and timely return to work March 4, 2021

    Nova Scotia is losing too much time to workplace injury. Although there are fewer injuries today, it’s taking longer than ever for employees to return to work when they are hurt on the job.

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  • WCB Nova Scotia evolves executive team with a view to the future February 22, 2021

    WCB Nova Scotia is starting 2021 with additions and changes to the executive team, renewing emphasis on the importance of injury prevention, while focusing its sights on a new challenge facing the system – claim durations. 

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  • Advisory: WorkplaceNL safety training certificates extended to April 30 February 16, 2021

    WorkplaceNL is extending expiry dates of safety training certificates as training courses may not be widely available while the province is under COVID-19 Alert Level 5.

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