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  • WSCC Media Release: Public engagement on proposed changes to pension system for workplace injuries November 15, 2021

    The Workers’ Safety and Compensation Commission (WSCC) is seeking public input on a proposal to change how pension benefits are calculated for workplace injuries.

    Under the present system, workers receive lifetime pension benefits if they have a workplace injury that results in a lasting loss of function after medical treatment or rehabilitation efforts are complete. This is known as a permanent medical impairment. The amount each individual receives is calculated soley based on the percentage of impairment they experience as a result of the injury and what they were earning at the time the injury happened.

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  • New Chair Announced for WCB Nova Scotia November 10, 2021

    The Province has appointed Saeed El-Darahali as the new Chair of WCB Nova Scotia.

    Mr. El-Darahali is President and CEO of SimplyCast, a Dartmouth-based technology company. He has more than 15 years of leadership experience and was named one of Atlantic Canada’s top 50 CEOs in 2020 by Atlantic Business Magazine. Mr. El-Darahali is currently Chair of the board of the Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia and a director of EduNova Cooperative Ltd.

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  • WorkplaceNL holds discounted average assessment rate at $1.69 for fourth consecutive year November 2, 2021

    Effective January 1, 2022, WorkplaceNL will hold the average assessment rate paid by employers at $1.69 per $100 of payroll, including a temporary $0.21 average discount.

    Seventy-three percent of employers will have no change or a lower annual assessment rate and 27 per cent of employers will have a higher rate in 2022. This compares to 43 per cent having no change or a lower rate and 57 per cent having a higher rate in 2021.

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  • WCB Saskatchewan announces 2022 preliminary average premium rate October 13, 2021 Continue reading →
  • WCB Nova Scotia shifts to long-term remote workforce model (Oct. 7/21) October 7, 2021

    After more than a year and a half of working in a mix of at-home and on-site scenarios, WCB Nova Scotia will be moving to a hybrid working model for the longer term. When the pandemic forced closure of all public buildings in early 2020, WCB Nova Scotia employees, enabled by technology, quickly and seamlessly moved to deliver service remotely.

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  • WSIB reduces average premium rate by 5.1% in 2022 October 6, 2021

    The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) announced today during its Annual General Meeting (AGM), that the average premium rate for Ontario businesses will be reduced by 5.1% for 2022, from $1.37 to $1.30. The announcement comes after the WSIB held 2021 premium rates at the same level as the previous year, in an effort to support businesses through the COVID-19 pandemic.

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  • WCB Nova Scotia achieves financial milestone, ending 2020 in funded position (Oct. 6/21) October 6, 2021

    After years of working from a place of financial imbalance, Nova Scotia’s workers’ compensation system is approaching financial sustainability as WCB Nova Scotia ended 2020 in a long-awaited improved financial position.

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  • WCB PEI: Two PEI Youths Recognized for Excellence in Workplace Safety September 28, 2021

    The Workers Compensation Board (WCB) is pleased to announce that Elliot Fraser and Martina Ellis are the recipients of this year’s Safe Youth Award. The award, along with the $500 prize is presented annually to Prince Edward Island youth who demonstrate an understanding of occupational health and safety (OHS) principles, and take the initiative to apply them in their workplaces.

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  • WCB PEI – Employer Survey Underway September 24, 2021

    The Workers Compensation Board’s biennial Employer Survey is now underway.

    The telephone survey is being conducted by an independent research firm, Narrative Research, who will ask our clients about their satisfaction with our programs and services. Participation is entirely voluntary and confidential.

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  • WorkPlaceNL: Soft-tissue injuries account for the majority of all workplace lost-time injury claims in the workplace September 21, 2021

    Over the past five years, musculoskeletal injuries (MSIs), or soft-tissue injuries, have accounted for 68 per cent of WorkplaceNL lost-time injury claims and $96 million in annual claim cost. MSIs such as sprains, strains, and inflammation may be caused or aggravated by work, but can be prevented.

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